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Track Mobile :

Tracking a mobile is just examining the exact position of a person’s mobile either in moving or stationary position. Before the invention of GPS, the basic method was used to track a mobile that was triangulating the cell phone’s position using several techniques available to law enforcement and other governmental agencies. Today, with GPS application it has become so easy to go for exact location. Many software programs and apps are developed for such application that combines with GPS and give us the exact location within 15 meters or better of accuracy.

The accuracy may vary with some atmospheric facts that can influence the device network but still it recognises the exact location to person’s near about. Some other factors that make differ in accuracy are GPS signal multipath, GPS receiver clock errors, total number of GPS satellites visible and intentional degradation of GPS signal. The main task of tracking is accomplished by model of phone that goes for services like Wi-Fi, SMS and data connection. All available models in market have the capability to go for such application. Today, most apps are in market for such work and have established a vast business in this field.