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In this world of advanced technology, we can easily make contact with a person far in a country by making use of some alphabetic and numeric characters and simply composing them in an electronic message. We call it by term texting or text messaging. The work is carried out by the use of some electronic devices such as mobile, computers, laptops, tablets and many. The most important medium in this messaging procedure is internet and it works under phone network, cable network and local area network.

It was developed in late 1980s in United Kingdom and was named as Short Messaging Service (SMS) with limit of 160 characters but now since the advancement it has changed its way beyond the limits. We can now simply send pictures, videos, music and many animated emojis that further paves a new way to do business in fields like marketing. Emailing is a new trend of doing business in an easy and cheaper way either in case of governmental or non-governmental organizations.

It brings in family and friends together, we are now using this advanced technology to do voice and video calls. It is just a new way to make communication.