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Area Code

We can define area code as dialling code which is a part of telephone numbering system and according to which a numbering scheme is initiated and got assigned to various telephone numbers as per the administrative region of the telephone network. A particular code of three or more digits is set to identify the geographical location of the telephone subscriber.

We can explain it with an example; now let us consider a person having a telephone number “XYZ-MNO-PQRS” , in the mentioned above the first three digits are the number codes or we can say they are area codes, which designates a ‘toll’ centre, in short it defines a geographical area that allows long-distance calling in a specific country. Further the codes following the three digits are referred to as office codes and the last ones are subscriber codes.

Why is it important in telecommunication?

The origin of area code got started in 1960-65. It brings up its importance covering a specific geographical area that represents your location at the exact point. Among its benefits we can say it a boon to product and service industry as it provides a variety of information to carry out marketing in an effective way. Even crime can be controlled in the city considering the case of harassment. It’s in short of great importance in telecommunication.


PrefixStateMajor CityTime Zone
201New Jersey Newark, NJEastern
202Washington Washington, DCEastern
203Connecticut New Haven, CTEastern
204Manitoba Yorkton, MBCentral
205Alabama Birmingham, ALCentral
206Washington Seattle, WAPacific
207Maine Portland, MEEastern
208Idaho Boise, IDMountain
209California Fresno, CAPacific
210Texas San Antonio, TXCentral
212New York New York, NYEastern
213California Los Angeles, CAPacific
214Texas Dallas, TXCentral
215Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PAEastern
216Ohio Cleveland, OHEastern
217Illinois Chicago, ILCentral
218Minnesota Duluth, MNCentral
219Indiana Valparaiso, INEastern
224Illinois Chicago, ILCentral
225Louisiana Baton Rouge, LACentral
226Ontario Wyoming, ONEastern
228Mississippi Gulfport, MSCentral
229Georgia Albany, GAEastern
231Michigan Muskegon, MIEastern
234Ohio Akron, OHEastern
236British Columbia Victoria, BCPacific
239Florida Fort Myers, FLEastern
240Maryland Baltimore, MDEastern
248Michigan Detroit, MIEastern
249Ontario Whitefish Falls, ONEastern
250British Columbia Zeballos, BCPacific
251Alabama Mobile, ALCentral
252North Carolina Greenville, NCEastern
253Washington Seattle, WAPacific
254Texas Killeen, TXCentral
256Alabama Huntsville, ALCentral
260Indiana Fort Wayne, INEastern
262Wisconsin Milwaukee, WICentral
267Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PAEastern
269Michigan Kalamazoo, MIEastern
270Kentucky Bowling Green, KYEastern
272Pennsylvania Lake Ariel, PAEastern
276Virginia Martinsville, VAEastern
281Texas Houston, TXCentral
289Ontario Woodbridge, ONEastern
301Maryland Baltimore, MDEastern
302Delaware Wilmington, DEEastern
303Colorado Denver, COMountain
304West Virginia Charleston, WVEastern
305Florida Miami, FLEastern
306Saskatchewan Yorkton, SKCentral
307Wyoming Casper, WYMountain
308Nebraska Grand Island, NECentral
309Illinois Peoria, ILCentral
310California Los Angeles, CAPacific
312Illinois Chicago, ILCentral
313Michigan Detroit, MIEastern
314Missouri Saint Louis, MOCentral
315New York Syracuse, NYEastern
316Kansas Wichita, KSCentral
317Indiana Indianapolis, INEastern
318Louisiana Shreveport, LACentral
319Iowa Cedar Rapids, IACentral
320Minnesota Saint Cloud, MNCentral
321Florida Orlando, FLEastern
323California Los Angeles, CAPacific
325Texas Abilene, TXCentral
330Ohio Akron, OHEastern
331Illinois Lemont, ILCentral
334Alabama Montgomery, ALCentral
336North Carolina Greensboro, NCEastern
337Louisiana Lafayette, LACentral
339Massachusetts Boston, MAEastern
340Virgin Islands Charlotte Amalie, VIAtlantic
343Ontario Vankleek Hill, ONEastern
346Texas Houston, TXCentral
347New York Brooklyn, NYEastern
351Massachusetts Danvers, MAEastern
352Florida Gainesville, FLEastern
360Washington Seattle, WAPacific
361Texas Corpus Christi, TXCentral
365Ontario Tottenham, ONEastern
385Utah Salt Lake City, UTMountain
386Florida Daytona Beach, FLEastern
401Rhode Island Providence, RIEastern
402Nebraska Omaha, NECentral
403Alberta Youngstown, ABMountain
404Georgia Atlanta, GAEastern
405Oklahoma Oklahoma City, OKCentral
406Montana Billings, MTMountain
407Florida Orlando, FLEastern
408California San Jose, CAPacific
409Texas Beaumont, TXCentral
410Maryland Baltimore, MDEastern
412Pennsylvania Pittsburgh, PAEastern
413Massachusetts Springfield, MAEastern
414Wisconsin Milwaukee, WICentral
415California San Francisco, CAPacific
416Ontario Toronto, ONEastern
417Missouri Springfield, MOCentral
418Quebec Ville Degelis, QCEastern
419Ohio Toledo, OHEastern
423Tennessee Chattanooga, TNEastern
424California Los Angeles, CAPacific
425Washington Seattle, WAPacific
430Texas Longview, TXCentral
431Manitoba Winnipeg, MBCentral
432Texas Midland, TXCentral
434Virginia Lynchburg, VAEastern
435Utah Park City, UTMountain
437Ontario Toronto, ONEastern
438Quebec Saint Genevieve, QCEastern
440Ohio Cleveland, OHEastern
442California Victorville, CAPacific
443Maryland Baltimore, MDEastern
450Quebec Yamaska, QCEastern
458Oregon Eugene, ORMountain
469Texas Dallas, TXCentral
470Georgia Atlanta, GAEastern
475Connecticut New Haven, CTEastern
478Georgia Macon, GAEastern
479Arkansas Springdale, ARCentral
480Arizona Phoenix, AZ(UTC-7)
484Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PAEastern
501Arkansas Little Rock, ARCentral
502Kentucky Louisville, KYEastern
503Oregon Portland, ORPacific
504Louisiana New Orleans, LACentral
505New Mexico Albuquerque, NMMountain
506New Brunswick Youngs Cove Road, NBAtlantic
507Minnesota Rochester, MNCentral
508Massachusetts Boston, MAEastern
509Washington Spokane, WAPacific
510California San Jose, CAPacific
512Texas Austin, TXCentral
513Ohio Cincinnati, OHEastern
514Quebec Saint Genevieve, QCEastern
515Iowa Des Moines, IACentral
516New York Springfield Gardens, NYEastern
517Michigan Lansing, MIEastern
518New York Schenectady, NYEastern
519Ontario Zurich, ONEastern
520Arizona Phoenix, AZ(UTC-7)
530California Sacramento, CAPacific
531Nebraska Lincoln, NECentral
534Wisconsin Chippewa Falls, WICentral
539Oklahoma Tulsa, OKCentral
540Virginia Fredericksburg, VAEastern
541Oregon Eugene, ORMountain
551New Jersey Newark, NJEastern
559California Fresno, CAPacific
561Florida West Palm Beach, FLEastern
562California Los Angeles, CAPacific
563Iowa Davenport, IACentral
567Ohio Toledo, OHEastern
570Pennsylvania Wilkes Barre, PAEastern
571Virginia Alexandria, VAEastern
573Missouri Columbia, MOCentral
574Indiana South Bend, INEastern
575New Mexico Las Cruces, NMMountain
579Quebec Waterloo, QCEastern
580Oklahoma Oklahoma City, OKCentral
581Quebec Vallee Jonction, QCEastern
585New York Buffalo, NYEastern
586Michigan Detroit, MIEastern
587Alberta Wetaskiwin, ABMountain
601Mississippi Jackson, MSCentral
602Arizona Phoenix, AZ(UTC-7)
603New Hampshire Manchester, NHEastern
604British Columbia Yale, BCPacific
605South Dakota Sioux Falls, SDCentral
606Kentucky Sharpsburg, KYEastern
607New York Freeville, NYEastern
608Wisconsin Madison, WICentral
609New Jersey Camden, NJEastern
610Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PAEastern
612Minnesota Minneapolis, MNCentral
613Ontario Yarker, ONEastern
614Ohio Columbus, OHEastern
615Tennessee Nashville, TNCentral
616Michigan Grand Rapids, MIEastern
617Massachusetts Boston, MAEastern
618Illinois Belleville, ILCentral
619California San Diego, CAPacific
620Kansas Hutchinson, KSCentral
623Arizona Phoenix, AZ(UTC-7)
626California Los Angeles, CAPacific
630Illinois Chicago, ILCentral
631New York Deer Park, NYEastern
636Missouri Saint Louis, MOCentral
639Saskatchewan Regina, SKCentral
641Iowa Beaman, IACentral
646New York Brooklyn, NYEastern
647Ontario Toronto, ONEastern
650California San Jose, CAPacific
651Minnesota Minneapolis, MNCentral
657California Long Beach, CAPacific
660Missouri Otterville, MOCentral
661California Bakersfield, CAPacific
662Mississippi Southaven, MSCentral
667Maryland Baltimore, MDEastern
669California San Jose, CAPacific
670Northern Mariana Islands Saipan, NNChamorro
671Guam Santa Rita, GU(UTC+10)
678Georgia Atlanta, GAEastern
681West Virginia Charleston, WVEastern
682Texas Dallas, TXCentral
684American Samoa Pago Pago, AS(UTC-11)
701North Dakota Fargo, NDCentral
702Nevada Las Vegas, NVPacific
703Virginia Alexandria, VAEastern
704North Carolina Charlotte, NCEastern
705Ontario Woodville, ONEastern
706Georgia Augusta, GAEastern
707California Santa Rosa, CAPacific
708Illinois Chicago, ILCentral
709Newfoundland Woody Point, NLNewfoundland
712Iowa Sioux City, IACentral
713Texas Houston, TXCentral
714California Long Beach, CAPacific
715Wisconsin Green Bay, WICentral
716New York Buffalo, NYEastern
717Pennsylvania Lancaster, PAEastern
718New York Brooklyn, NYEastern
719Colorado Colorado Springs, COMountain
720Colorado Denver, COMountain
724Pennsylvania Pittsburgh, PAEastern
725Nevada Las Vegas, NVPacific
727Florida Tampa, FLEastern
731Tennessee Jackson, TNCentral
732New Jersey Newark, NJEastern
734Michigan Detroit, MIEastern
737Texas Austin, TXCentral
740Ohio Columbus, OHEastern
747California Los Angeles, CAPacific
754Florida Fort Lauderdale, FLEastern
757Virginia Virginia Beach, VAEastern
760California San Diego, CAPacific
762Georgia Augusta, GAEastern
763Minnesota Minneapolis, MNCentral
765Indiana Indianapolis, INEastern
769Mississippi Jackson, MSCentral
770Georgia Atlanta, GAEastern
772Florida Port Saint Lucie, FLEastern
773Illinois Chicago, ILCentral
774Massachusetts Boston, MAEastern
775Nevada Reno, NVPacific
778British Columbia Youbou, BCPacific
779Illinois Rockford, ILCentral
780Alberta Zama, ABMountain
781Massachusetts Boston, MAEastern
785Kansas Topeka, KSCentral
786Florida Miami, FLEastern
787Puerto Rico Bayamon, PRAtlantic
801Utah Salt Lake City, UTMountain
802Vermont Shelburne, VTEastern
803South Carolina Columbia, SCEastern
804Virginia Richmond, VAEastern
805California Bakersfield, CAPacific
806Texas Lubbock, TXCentral
807Ontario Wunumin Lake, ONEastern
808Hawaii Honolulu, HI(UTC-10)
810Michigan Flint, MIEastern
812Indiana Evansville, INEastern
813Florida Tampa, FLEastern
814Pennsylvania Erie, PAEastern
815Illinois Chicago, ILCentral
816Missouri Kansas City, MOCentral
817Texas Dallas, TXCentral
818California Los Angeles, CAPacific
819Quebec Yamachiche, QCEastern
828North Carolina Asheville, NCEastern
830Texas New Braunfels, TXCentral
831California Salinas, CAPacific
832Texas Houston, TXCentral
843South Carolina Charleston, SCEastern
845New York Poughkeepsie, NYEastern
847Illinois Chicago, ILCentral
848New Jersey Newark, NJEastern
850Florida Pensacola, FLEastern
856New Jersey Camden, NJEastern
857Massachusetts Boston, MAEastern
858California San Diego, CAPacific
859Kentucky Lexington, KYEastern
860Connecticut Hartford, CTEastern
862New Jersey Newark, NJEastern
863Florida Kissimmee, FLEastern
864South Carolina Greenville, SCEastern
865Tennessee Knoxville, TNEastern
867Northwest Territories Yellowknife, NTCentral
870Arkansas Jonesboro, ARCentral
872Illinois Chicago, ILCentral
873Quebec Woburn, QCEastern
878Pennsylvania Pittsburgh, PAEastern
901Tennessee Memphis, TNCentral
902Nova Scotia Yarmouth, NSAtlantic
903Texas Tyler, TXCentral
904Florida Jacksonville, FLEastern
905Ontario Woodbridge, ONEastern
906Michigan Deerton, MIEastern
907Alaska Anchorage, AK(UTC-9)
908New Jersey Newark, NJEastern
909California Riverside, CAPacific
910North Carolina Fayetteville, NCEastern
912Georgia Savannah, GAEastern
913Kansas Kansas City, KSCentral
914New York Manhattan, NYEastern
915Texas El Paso, TXCentral
916California Sacramento, CAPacific
917New York Brooklyn, NYEastern
918Oklahoma Tulsa, OKCentral
919North Carolina Raleigh, NCEastern
920Wisconsin Milwaukee, WICentral
925California Oakland, CAPacific
928Arizona Phoenix, AZ(UTC-7)
929New York Brooklyn, NYEastern
931Tennessee Clarksville, TNEastern
936Texas Conroe, TXCentral
937Ohio Dayton, OHEastern
938Alabama Goodwater, ALCentral
939Puerto Rico Bayamon, PRAtlantic
940Texas Denton, TXCentral
941Florida Sarasota, FLEastern
947Michigan Southfield, MIEastern
949California Santa Ana, CAPacific
951California Riverside, CAPacific
952Minnesota Minneapolis, MNCentral
954Florida Fort Lauderdale, FLEastern
956Texas Laredo, TXCentral
970Colorado Ft Collins, COMountain
971Oregon Portland, ORPacific
972Texas Dallas, TXCentral
973New Jersey Newark, NJEastern
978Massachusetts Boston, MAEastern
979Texas College Station, TXCentral
980North Carolina Charlotte, NCEastern
984North Carolina Raleigh, NCEastern
985Louisiana New Orleans, LACentral
989Michigan Saginaw, MIEastern