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The caller with number 2722555508 / 272-255-5508 residing city is Scranton, PA. If you think this is a spam caller or disturbing you then please add your rating and leave comments to others people. Did you receive any phone call or text from 2722555508?
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Scranton, PA

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Area Code
Phone Number
Major City
Scranton, PA
Snyder, Wayne
(272) 255-5508, +12722555508, +1 272-255-5508
Time Zone
Current Time
12/3/2021 11:55:01 PM
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IP AddressActivityTimeZoneTimestamp
Gilbert, US
United States
Marked 272-255-5508 as
Unsafe Caller
America/Phoenix1 months ago

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Comments for 2722555508

K, 21 Oct 2021
Call type: Scam Call

Rating: -5

I answered and it was completely silent then they hung up. Super annoying.

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